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Keeping you safe indoor with LUNOS controlled home ventilation

Healthy indoor air quality is more important than ever. As people do their best to protect themselves from COVID-19 and limit its spread, they are finding themselves at home more often than ever before.There is evidence that virus particles transmit through the air, which implies that anyone who spend time indoors, even at home, may be at risk of exposure. 

Without controlled and optimised ventilation, condensation can build up, bacteria will grow, dust levels and carbon dioxide will rise, all of which will collectively lead to stale air. Ventilation with heat recovery improves indoor air quality, reduces the influence of airborne viruses, and improves human health and well-being. 

The UK Government stated, "Research indicates that being in a room with fresh air can significantly lower your risk of infection from particles by more than 70%, as fresh air dilutes the particles." Ventilation is therefore critical for lowering infection rates by introducing or increasing fresh air circulation in the house.

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems For Homes

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation systems supplied by Partel generate needs-compliant, clean and hygienic ventilation for all rooms in your home, replace stale air with the optimal supply of fresh air throughout the day and ensure dry, mold-free walls.

These systems are also compliant with Part F Building Regulations and provide considerable savings in heating costs – combined with low acquisition and operating costs alongside the quality and safety guaranteed by our reputation.

The LUNOS MVHR system is super silent, compact, and highly energy-efficient. It improves indoor air quality by providing fresh air and diluting pollutants, manages moisture, prevents inadequate air flow, and does not rely on occupants to open windows. It can also be retrofitted without great effort since it does not require ventilation ducts, and is therefore also suitable for existing buildings- both apartments and houses

LUNOS e2 Series with Heat Recovery

e² fans are most suited for bedrooms and living rooms, and work according to the method of regenerative heat exchange. There are always two devices running in paired operation. 

The ego fan ventilates functional rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. It is not necessary for them to work in pairs as two 'little' e2s of the ego ensure the heat recovery in supply and exhaust air.





Partel Lunos e260

LUNOS e260

Partel Lunos ego


LUNOS Exhaust Air Systems

Lunos Exhaust Air Systems are designed to provide regulated ventilation throughout your home, allowing you and your family to always breathe fresh air.

The ALD exterior wall air vents serve as passive inflows for living rooms and bedrooms. It is most commonly combined with the LUNOS Silvento ec exhaust air units





Partel lunos Silvento ec

LUNOS Silvento ec

Partel Lunos ALD R 160


How can we help?

The recent increase of laws governing ventilation systems has resulted in a greater emphasis on design, installation, and maintenance. We are up to date on all current ventilation regulations, and we provide architects and builders with cost-effective design, installation, and commissioning service.

Here in Partel we offer a free ventilation design and consultancy service. The team at Partel can guide you on the best way to ventilate your home, considering your building requirements, structure, and a budget. 

Part F- Ventilation Requirements

The Technical Guidance Document Part F 2019 – Ventilation specifies ventilation requirements for dwellings. The larger of the following two calculations is used to determine the general ventilation rate of a residential building with a mechanical ventilation system:

  • 5 l/s + 4 l/s per person  
  • 0.3 l/s * internal floor area

Minimum boost rates are also specified for wet rooms to ensure the ventilation system can deal with excess humidity, odour etc from time to time. The minimum boost extract rates for wet rooms are: 

  • 13 l/s in kitchens 
  • 8 l/s in utility rooms 
  • 8 l/s in bathrooms  
  • 6 l/s in sanitary rooms
LUNOS_house living-1

 Let Us Show You Some Of Our Projects

Partel- Lunos Ventilation Project Dublin
Dublin Bay Residential Retrofit- Decentralised Ventilation System

With Partel supplied LUNOS Decentralised ventilation Systems, a residential retrofit maximizes scenic views of Dublin Bay while enhancing energy performance and Indoor Air Quality.     

Partel designs ventilation for senior citizens housing
Lunos Contributing to Energy-Efficient Senior Citizen Housing

Partel designed and supplied highly efficient LUNOS ventilation units to deliver powerful, quiet, efficient ventilation, for the Development of energy-efficient Senior Citizens Housing.                                                 

Partel offers Lunos Ventilation systems for am 18th century house
18th Century Building Becomes a low energy Modern house

The innovative Partel offered LUNOS ventilation system has contributed to bring the building from a G to an A3 building energy rating (BER), while improving the indoor air quality.                                                                           

Whether your residential project is new construction or retrofit, some of the buildings might require centralised ventilation systems.We also provide compact Centralised Ventilation units that represent the latest technology with high energy efficiency, unique easy to install air duct system and design quality.

If you would like a free consultation to discuss effective solutions and ideas for your next home ventilation project, please provide us with more information about your project in the below given enquiry. We will get in touch with you at a time that suits you to discuss your project.

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