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Safer Classrooms in September calls for Hygenic LUNOS Ventilation

As it stands, not all students will be vaccinated against COVID-19 by September, making it even more important to ensure that classrooms are well-ventilated and equipped with an adequate heat recovery ventilation system.

Improving indoor ventilation is a key to Safely Reopening Schools. This strongly recommended measure provides children and school personnel with enhanced indoor air quality, hygienic and constant fresh air, now and for decades to come.

Research has found that increased ventilation rates are associated with increased student performance, improved respiratory health, increased student attendance, and lowers the risk of airborne infectious disease transmission.

This would provide a better environment for both pandemic and non-pandemic times, thereby lowering the likelihood of future infectious disease outbreaks.

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems For Schools

The LUNOS Ventilation systems with heat recovery offered by Partel are completely compliant with the unique needs of schools, providing improved air quality and a comfortable, healthy learning environment. These systems offer a constant supply of fresh air, heat recovery, and controls the humidity, while eliminating infectious particles and CO2, VOC (volatile organic compound) . Their extremely efficient motors with the most recent EC technology, along with precisely balanced fans, make them hardly audible, resulting in a peaceful environment in the classroom.

The LUNOS decentralised system is flexible, with each classroom or area having its own ventilation unit. This enables individual classroom ventilation efficiency to be adjusted without affecting the ventilation demands of adjacent classes. While the classroom is in use, the ventilation efficiency is adjusted based on demand. When the classroom is not in use, such as during free periods, weekends, or holidays, the ventilation can be reduced, minimizing operating costs.

The top three products utilized in schools are listed below.

Lunos Nexxt E


Lunos e260

LUNOS e260

Lunos Silvento ec

LUNOS Silvento ec

How can we help?

Our technical experts understand the necessity of ventilation measures, Building Regulations and air quality requirements for industrial projects and we are equipped to provide a bespoke solution that meets the specific needs of your educational buildings and projects.

Here in Partel we offer a free technical ventilation design and consultancy service. If you would like us to design a proper ventilation strategy for your school, visit your school to assess your ventilation needs, or just want to learn more about how you can improve your school’s ventilation, give our team a call now.

HSE Guidelines

The Department of Education have published a document to assist schools returning to school after Covid-19 lockdowns. The ‘Practical Steps for the Deployment of Good Ventilation Practices in Schools’ contains some essential basic suggestions concerning school ventilation practices. 

Schools are urged to: 

  • Increase ventilation rates where possible, while minimising discomfort 
  • Use carbon dioxide monitors to identify poorly ventilated rooms and access the effectiveness of the ventilation strategy 
  • Avoid recirculating ventilation systems 
  • Classrooms should be well ventilated when in use and purged before school, between classes and at the end of the day where possible 
  • Supporting and promoting good hand hygiene
  • The use of face coverings/masks
Lunos Mechanical Ventilation Supplied by Partel

Why choose Mechanical Ventilation over Natural Ventilation?

Natural Ventilation freshens up the atmosphere, but often introduces problems such as noise, cold, traffic fumes, pollen and dust. In less than an hour, school children become tired, get headaches' and lack concentration.

The risk of infection is automatically reduced in schools that have a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. Due to the high-quality fresh air filters in these ventilation systems, the risk from dust particles and aerosols is greatly reduced. These MVHR systems also provides a steady flow of clean, fresh air from outside. At the same time, the heat from the extracted air is used to warm the new air, preventing unpleasant draughts.

Air Purifiers are not a substitute for Ventilation

Please keep in mind that portable room air purifiers are an extra layer of protection and are not a component of a building's planned HVAC system or a determining factor when evaluating whether a room meets the criteria of adequate ventilation.

According to the  Passive House Institute, mobile air filtration units simply recirculate the air, and are typically incapable of swiftly and consistently eliminating contaminated particles in the interior air, particularly in densely populated classrooms. They do not supply any fresh air from the outside. Furthermore, they are unable of removing CO2 and radon gas. As a result, transportable air purifying systems are only useful in combination with active ventilation to reduce the number of suspended matters which can transport viruses. 

Air Purifier

Technical Knowledge

tech article_cover

Partel Presents Ventilation strategy for schools

This article explains how ventilation reduces risks of disease transmission, summarize guidelines to support schools in reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission in the classroom using effective ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation cuts covid risk by half

Mechanical Ventilation cuts covid risk by half

Building ventilation systems, according to ventilation specialists S&P UK, minimize the transmission of airborne illnesses by half when compared to natural ventilation in schools, businesses, and hospitality spaces.

Fresh Air is Vital in Keeping Schools Safe

Fresh Air is Vital to keeping schools safe

International indoor air quality experts agree that maintaining superior standards for indoor air quality should be a high priority for all schools as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.                            

Share this information with parents, teachers, school administrators and school board members. Ask them to implement these steps to ensure better, safer air quality for everyone!

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