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Lunos Ventilation ensures a safe return to offices with improved air quality.

As more individuals return to the workplace, developing efficient strategies to prevent inadequate ventilation has become critical.

Offices, whether an open plan or with cubicles are prone to congestion and proximity. The risk of transmission is significant since many occupants work in an enclosed environment for most of the day and week.

This is why it's critical to ventilate the space, an effective ventilation decreases the risk of airborne disease transmission while also provide sufficient fresh air supply with stale air extraction to all areas of the workspace when occupied.

Improving indoor ventilation not only improves employee productivity, but it also makes workplaces safer and healthier.

LUNOS Decentralised Ventilation Systems For Offices

LUNOS Ventilation systems with heat recovery offered by Partel help supply the required fresh air and air circulation without allowing heat to escape, resulting in a safer and more pleasant balanced work environment. LUNOS mechanical ventilation using fans is versatile and compact, quiet, cost-effective, and easy to operate. As no ductwork is necessary, they can be placed in individual rooms with minimum effort and are thus suited not just for new construction, but also for retrofits. These devices ensure healthy, pleasant thermal comfort and sustainable protection to the building fabric.

There are various alternatives available to you, and we can assist you in determining which would be the most appropriate for your offices. The three LUNOS products listed below are the most often utilized in offices and workplaces. Your project requirements, floor or design plan, the number of people occupying the area and other factors may be looked at to help choose the best system for you.

Lunos Nexxt E


Lunos e260

LUNOS e260

Lunos Silvento ec

LUNOS Silvento ec

How can we help?

An optimal indoor climate is Partel's goal. Take advantage of our know-how in technical design service and innovative technologies with low energy consumption and extraordinary simplicity of assembly. Partel's technical team is ready to provide you the safer and most durable option for creating a pleasant and well-ventilated workplace environment.

If you would like us to create a ventilation plan for your office, please get in touch with us.

CIBSE Guidelines

  • The ventilation rate for office spaces is typically defined by the number of occupants working in that space.
  • The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineering (CIBSE) recommends 10 l/s per person when ventilating a general office space. 
  • Where office renovation is taking place, project-specific factors should be taken into account when determining an appropriate ventilation rate. Such factors include the building's air permeability and the ability to purge ventilate.   
Sick Building Syndrome

Avoid the"Sick Building Syndrome"

Sick Building Syndrome is a common issue in commercial and institutional buildings, including office buildings, that leads to symptoms in occupants, such as dry skin, itchy skin, runny nose, headaches, lethargy, and poor concentration.

Employers should be concerned about these signs since they lead to loss of productivity and time off work.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the primary causes of SBS and could be prevented by boosting indoor ventilation with energy recovery ventilation, this way, occupants can enjoy healthy fresh air without wasting energy. 

A properly functioning ventilation system delivers an air of suitable quality in a sufficient quantity in order to create a healthy and comfortable internal space and reduces the concentration of indoor air pollutants. 

Returning to Work Safely

Many employees are concerned about air quality and building health as they return to the workplace and work in the new normal. To give them the confidence to return to work, employers will need to prioritize employees’ health and safety.

This means improved ventilation, filtration, and air quality measures in addition to continued physical distancing, face masks, and vaccines.

Employees are mindful of what employers are doing to make their workplaces safer and healthier, particularly when it comes to air quality and adherence to safety requirements, which wasn't previously a concern for some people.

Air quality is not something that will be dismissed once we're on the other side of this pandemic. It will be essential to the occupant experience, and good air quality will help make employees feel more comfortable as they return back to their offices.

Ventilation isn’t just for COVID-19, it’s for all working life, and we’ve got to invest in ventilation in all our workplaces.

Return to work safely with Partel

Technical Knowledge

Office Tech 11
Ventilation for indoor spaces to help reduce the spread of Covid 19, says UK government

The UK government has come up with guidelines on ways to improve ventilation inside homes and workspaces to lower the potential for Covid-19 transmission.                                  

office group
Employees concerned with building ventilation want the assurance of the building's indoor air quality.

 A survey, carried out by facilities management company Rentokil Initial, suggested that 30% would like to see assurances on their building’s indoor air quality. 

Few office buildings built purely require centralised ventilation systems. Partel also provides centralised ventilation systems with heat recovery for offices, based on the size, type, and requirements of the structure, our sales, and technical specialists will assist you in selecting the appropriate solution for your project.

Do you want to know more about the centralised ventilation system, visit our centralised system product page here.

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